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we love love

Here at Neon Republic, we adore any and all celebrations of love, and firmly believe that there ain’t no party like a neon party!

If you are after a statement custom neon sign for your celebration, follow the steps below & we will get back to you with some awesome original ideas.


Custom neon signs are quoted on an individual basis and start at around $200 inc GST for simple shapes and small words in our basic sans-serif font. The signs are LED. 

We do not charge for initial designs however Neon Republic reserves the right to apply a minimum of $80+GST design fee once the number of provided designs exceeds 4 in total. This will be fully communicated to the customer prior to the additional design work commencing and can be credited against the customer’s purchase of said designs within a 30 day period.


Please note signage is currently only available to Australia and New Zealand customers.

  • Created by hand. High quality LED neon strip is bent into the required angles to match the design and glued to a 5mm clear acrylic backboard to hold shape
  • Safety first! The sign themselves are 12v, silent and do not heat up like traditional neon
  • Australian certified? 2m of clear cable joins 2.5m of black cable with an Australian certified DC adapter (similar to a laptop charger), ending in a standard GPO plug
  • Durable. As they are acrylic based, the signage is not fragile like glass neon, is lightweight and can be transported with ease
  • Plug & play. All signage can be hung from a sufficient anchor point without the need for professional installation (unless hardwired)
  • Warranty? 12 month manufacturer warranty on electrical components
  • Indoor Use. Our signs are INDOOR USE only. Unfortunately we no longer offer outdoor use signage for sale as the outdoor sealant on the market is not up to standard (and we would never supply substandard products to our customers). You can use the indoor signs outside however please note that they will fail if exposed to wet weather or extreme humidity and this is not covered under warranty.
  • Time to shine! The high quality LED has an approximate 50,000 hour lifetime (we have several signs in our own showroom that have been in place for over 3 years & counting!)
  • Too bright? Dimmer modules & remotes can be requested FOC

  • Have a style in mind? Perfect! We can replicate almost any font or style as we aren’t restricted by a set list of font options – this includes wedding invitations or your own handwriting!
  • Not sure? No problems, we are here to help! Check out our font category samples above, along with our Recent Projects & Instagram for ideas!
  • Get creative! We can print directly onto your sign backboard to incorporate desired patterns, colour fill or that text/detail that might be a bit too small to create in LED

Please note we respect and admire the original designs from other companies and artists, therefore we do not reproduce these signs for customers – however we welcome any inspiration images you have to help us create a new, original design for you.

All Neon Republic signs are mounted on high quality 5mm clear acrylic as standard (rather than the industry norm of 4mm) to increase the durability of the sign.

Ultra Heavy Duty 8mm clear acrylic available for an additional fee per sign (quoted on application)

Black or White acrylic available for an additional fee of $40 inc GST per sign

Gold Mirror / Chrome Mirror / Rose Gold Mirror now available for an additional fee (quoted on application)

Detachable stand base option available for an additional fee (quoted on application)

Printed Backboards available in any design / colour desired for an additional fee (quoted on application)

Please Note: The above is samples of sizing only. We have no set sizes.

  • The WOW factor. Neon signage is amazing because it doesn’t have be huge to make an impact! If you are unsure on the size you would like, add some details to the quote request to say how and where you will be using the sign, and our designers will help you decide.
  • After the big day. We always recommend you consider how & where you will use the sign following the event (and how to transport it!), when choosing what size is right for you
  • What’s the smallest? It is important to note, we are restricted with the smallest size sign we can create and this is determined by font style (script = larger) and the amount of words/shapes in your design. Our LED is 13mm in thickness and minimum letter height is around 7cm (10cm for capital letters).
  • And the largest? Our maximum acrylic sheet size is 2m x 1.2m. We can definitely create larger signs however they would need to be split into multiple pieces.


We have 15 vibrant LED colours to choose from – shown below. Colour choice does not affect quoted prices; you can have multiple colours in one sign at no extra cost!

Please note, Light Pink / Light Blue / Bright White / Warm White all appear white when unlit.

Purple is available in 8mm LED only. All other colours are available in both 13 & 8mm – your designer will choose the LED thickness best suited to your requirements.


Please Note: Due to the high volume of custom enquiries, incomplete forms may not receive a response.

Upload Inspiration or logo etc (JPG, PNG, PDF, AI ONLY) 10Mb or LESS